Welcome to my Page! My name is Sydney and I am a teen model from Ontario, Canada!

I started my Instagram page a few years back and, my very first business was to sell SLIME! HAHA I developed a love for fashion and modelling so, when I was 13, started posting more photo shoot style photographs and working on developing my skills! December 2019, I had about 600 followers when I went on a trip to Cuba with my family and friends. A teen model page picked one of my vacation posts and, decided to share it on their page and, I think I gained about one thousand followers overnight! I was very actively posting while on vacation and several other “share” sites took interest and also started sharing my pictures! By the time I was home from vacation I was probably at about four thousand followers and gaining every single day. Through hard work, posting daily and keeping my account active I have been able to take my following to 70K as of the writing of this About page!

The photo that started it all! I will never forget that day. Being on Vacation and watching my account blow up…..

My focus right now is to continue my work towards becoming a model. I do lots of photo shoots at home to produce pictures for my Instagram and for my more recent VIP page. With Covid19, it has for sure put a bit of a dampener on working as a model. Prior to this pandemic I had some work booked which unfortunately had to cancel but, I’m patient and will continue to do what I’m doing until I can start booking work again!