Amazon Product Reviews!

I have gotten some great stuff lately from Amazon so I thought I would blog about it!

First up are the fantastic crop tanks you’ve see me wearing in my latest posts. I purchased the black, gray and white but, there is also blue, gray and white available for the bargain price of $25.89!

So versatile and great with everything. White tank shown below with the Yoga pants.

Next up are some cool Yoga pants. Not gonna lie when I first unboxed I was a little hesitant because they were shiny and didn’t look like the most comfortable of material but, I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on! I bought 2 pairs because they had it in black and white and I couldn’t decide which ones I liked better.

These are the white yoga pants fitting like a glove and sooo cool!

I also got them in black!

They pair perfectly with the crop tanks right? i’m loving this workout look!

Kipozi Hair Dryer

Hey everyone today I’m reviewing the KIPOZI 1875 Watt Hair Dryer, Ionic Blow Dryer, Professional Fast Dry and Quiet Salon Hairdryer Adjustable Heat & Speed with Diffuser & Concentrator Attachments, Pink


My first impression when I took it out of the box was amazing. Its pretty (very important) black to pink ombre and the cord is nice and long! My current hairdryer has the shortest cord and I find that super annoying! So YAY Kiposi!

I grabbed my favorite round brush and using the concentrator attachment started to straighten my hair.

This is halfway done and you can clearly see how smooth and sleek the right is!

A few things I noted… its powerful! What does that mean? Faster drying hair and more time to take pictures!

Heat… it got sooo hot which for anyone that knows, the hotter the better to get a nice smooth style on your hair!

The Quick Shot button is also great to cool down your hair to lock the style in place!

It has 3 temp options and 2 speed options which is pretty standard and perfect! It’s also a really sturdy build without being heavy which is amazing. It feels like a product that will last (durable) but not heavy where i’ll need to take a break before finishing my hair (I have A LOT of hair so this is a legit problem!).

Its amazing how light it is!!

So overall I’d rate this a 10/10 and the best part is the price point under $50! Professional grade hair dryers can run in the hundreds so its nice to have such a quality product at such a great price!


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Quality Control Check…

Birthday is over…time to get back to work! HAHAHA

Where to begin! There have been so many things going on here at my new home and, the response and support has been OVERWHELMING!

The monthly VIP Membership has been so great and so much fun! We had a lot of members that were transferred over to the website from the previous VIP page and, we did have a few little issues, but I believe now, everyone is in, sorted and able to see all the content. If you are still having any issues, please reach out to me via email at so I can get everything resolved!

The store and digital downloads have been such a huge success and I have received mostly positive feedback so I’m glad you guys are loving it! The only complaints I have received have been a few where the transaction completed and the files were not received via email I believe that I have resolved ALL of these but, if you are a customer that still has an issue please please please reach out to me via email at and, I will make sure you receive your files! I think in some cases it may have ended up in spam or been blocked as, the send email was in my box and I just needed to resend (the first send is done automatically by the website).

Sadly today, I will be updating the store page to remove my Calendar temporarily as unfortunately, the small company that was running this has had to close due to medical emergency. I will be looking into options to get this available for purchase again. I’ve also started work on the 2021 Calendar (because lets be real we are all anxiously waiting for this year to be OVER) and will most likely have pre-sale for this item starting in September with a November delivery date so you are ready to start 2021 with a bang!

Things I’m working on: I have already sorted out an email subscription for the VIPs to email them updates and notifications of members area content being posted but I’m looking to expand this and, have an email subscription to the website for non-members to receive updates for the blog or, when new items are added to the store.. I’m kind of a web newb so, I’m learning as a go and JUST haven’t figured out how to do it quite yet… BUT I WILL!

Lastly, extremely grateful for ALL the birthday love over on Instagram from posts, stories, DMs! Insane….thank you for making a gal feel SOOO special!

Exciting times….

So, I’m super excited to announce that I have a new project in the works! I will be in an Independant film produced by Gage Maynard. We could have been filming right now if it wasn’t for pesky Covid but, it is still moving forward and filming in 2021!

I’ve briefly skimmed over the script as I’ve just received it and I’m super excited to be working on this project!

The working title is Rainbows for a Songbird and you should see my cast credit appear in the IMDb page in the next few days! It’s super exciting! Add this to your watch list so you can be aware of updates!

I’m so thankful to Gage for this amazing opportunity! While my role does not have too many lines, my character is very important to the story and I hope i will do his vision justice!

Now to figure out which headshots to add when I get my IMDb pro profile!!

As this is an Independant film, there will be an opportunity for investors to get in on this! More details will follow as they become available!

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog! I’m not exactly sure what I will post about here but, it will be nice to not be limited to a brief and entertaining pic caption!!

I did a little bit of shopping today and, have some cute pieces on the way for some future photo shoots. I ordered from Shein for the first time today! I saw this cute outfit that I really wanted and then you get stuck in this… “add $28 for free shipping” draw!

The outfit that started it all was this adorable Checkered Crop Tube Top and shorts set for only $16!

I loved it sooo much I also ordered it in BLUE!

I still had a little bit more to spend to get some FREE shipping so, I decided to add on this cute colorful top for $6

And rounded it out with these adorable mesh capris for $12!

I’m super excited to get my order but, as with most of these types of website…it will be about 3 weeks to a month! Lets see how long it takes!


My first post on my own page! Exciting times! I knew that I would get here eventually but, didn’t think it would all happen so fast! I guess all the hurdles that have been placed in my way have made this possible so, I guess they were not all for nothing!

I am so excited to be launching my website and soon to be launching (Third time is the charm) my own VIP Membership Pages!

Thank you so much to everyone that has supported and guided me throughout the way!