Digital Downloads – “Specials”

This section is for my “Specials” – photosets that are out of the ordinary, cosplay shoots, and things that are just a bit different to my usual photo sets and style.

Some of these were created as “Special” albums in response to the huge number of requests I get on Instagram and by e-mail, others are me trying something new or different.


Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy – Mini Set

This mini set is a small compilation which contains a selection of 27 shots taken from the “Epic Collab” set.

If you have already purchased the “Epic Cosplay Collab – Trinity and Sydney” set, you have these pics already.

Epic Cosplay Collab – Trinity and Sydney

This is an Epic photoset containing an amazing 204 pics and 3 short videos!

It’s a cosplay set with Sydney playing Harley Quinn and her best friend Trinity playing Poison Ivy.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Set contains 24 images – many were cropped for Instagram

The Pose Plus

Something a little different from Sydney – this set is definitely for those with a focus on feet!

Set contains 27 Pictures.

Valentine’s 2020 Extended Cut Photo Set

A subset was posted for the May 2020 VIP Members – this is the full shoot.

The set consists of three separate zip files, so make sure you download them all!
It contains 64 Pictures and 25 motion videos.

Zebra Tank Photo Set

20 images in total

Unicorns & Rainbows Photo Set

Set contains 11 images from the Unicorns & Rainbows Photoshoot!

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Ticklish Photo Set

Set contains 10 Pictures and 1 video.

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