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I take that statement to heart! I got it in my head Monday that I wanted to chop off my Read more
I am officially free! After 5 days of isolation and 5 days of "extra precautions" I am free from the Read more
Sent via email to all but, also posted and pinned here to make sure everyone sees it! Hope this email Read more
I'm a little late with my weekly blog but I wanted to make sure I got one out. As you Read more
I did this month's photo shoot while trying on my cute new outfit that I got for the Cavetown Concert Read more
Happy May 1st! The caption for the IG post today is: Do you think if we click our heels together Read more
I know this message will not apply to 90% of the members here BUT I've kinda been undercover on Telegram Read more
What's worse? The member sharing my paid content on discord or the member who instead of sharing the info with Read more
Hi everyone it’s Gee here, the guy that helps Sydney with her site and looks after the Instagram fanpage. We’ve Read more