VIP Member Exclusive Auction – Orange Lace

Winning Bid: $135.00

Item condition: Used



Welcome to the first of the Member Exclusive Auctions. Up for auction are these cute orange panties.

Fun storey time… I am a member in good standing with Knotty Knicker and have been for a few years. Basically, every month I get 2 random pairs of panties delivered to my door! So as you can imagine, my panty drawer is kinda EPIC! For the most part, I have loved and wear every pair I get and the ones I don’t, I just give to friends…I guess you could say I’m the panties fairy! The best part is that I get items that I may not have ever chosen if I was shopping but, I have gotten to realize how fun they can be to wear.


  • Starting bid is $20 with bid increments of $5 (pricing is in US dollars)
  • Auction will run for one week and the winning bidder will be contacted for their mailing address so a shipping quote can be obtained.
  • Winner will be responsible to pay shipping.
  • An autographed card will be included.
  • Item can be (optionally) worn before shipping.


Auction Process:

  • The amount you put in on the auction is a bid amount.
  • It is not a maximum, and this auction does not work like eBay.
  • If you are outbid by someone else, you can bid again.



  • Please be respectful if you need to ask questions about the auction.
  • This is a genuine auction – if anyone runs up an auction, and turns out not to be a genuine buyer, your account on the site, and any subscriptions you have will be immediately terminated.
  • Shipping address must be provided within 24 hours of auction ending so the auction can be completed. Failure to do so can result in the auction being awarded to the next highest bidder.
  • Item will ship within 5 business days of payment.


This auction is only open to paid Members of SydneyQ Official!

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